Are you feeling a little bit meh lately? Just not really feeling upbeat or motivated? Do you wonder if it’s unhappiness or just restlessness and a vague unease with your life as it is? Here are five warning signs that you might be unhappy and not just stuck in a rut.

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You’re disappointed with life.

Perhaps this isn’t the life you thought you’d live when you were younger. You don’t know what happened, but something somewhere went awry. Maybe you love certain aspects of your life, but overall, you’re disappointed and unhappy with how things have turned out.

When we are young it is normal to look to the future and build up an image of how we hope our life will pan out. However as we age, our lives take many twists and turns and we venture down many paths. It is important to remember that every day is a new day and even if this isn’t the life you thought you’d live, it’s not too late to follow a different path.

You don’t feel like you’re [good, smart, pretty, fill in the blank] enough.

Are you always comparing yourself to others and feeling that you don’t measure up. This can take any number of forms, from being upset with your parenting skills to your income, from feeling like you’re ugly to wishing you were a saint. The blank can be filled with any attribute you can assign to a human being. This is a sure sign that you’re unhappy with who you are.

If this rings true for you, perhaps it’s time to take a moment to reflect on your positive attributes for your blank. You may not like certain aspects of yourself, but now is the time to reflect on what you do like about yourself, what you have to offer?

As the saying goes, if we were all the same then it would be a very boring world.

No one is you, and that is your power.

Dave Grohl

You wish you were someone else

You see other people whose lives seem to be better than your own and wish you could trade places, even if it’s just for a day. The other people don’t have to be rich or famous, either; you might just wish to trade places with the coworker who always seems to have it together or the friend who has the happy marriage you crave.

Again, it’s natural to compare yourself and your circumstances to those who are around you, but heres the thing …

We never know what goes on behind closed doors. For all you know that person whom your envious of may be battling they’re own demons. Inside they might be desperately unhappy but great at painting a smile. Things aren’t always what they seem from the outside and for that reason alone you need to break the habit of comparing yourself to others.

Try to use your energy to focus on your mindset, to make changes which will empower you and help you love being you.

Your unhappy because you feel trapped

Nothing is going to change anytime soon and nothing you can do will change it. You can’t get out. You feel like a caged lion, wanting to run free but can’t. This feeling can range from a quiet sense of unease to sheer panic and can vary from time to time. It can also manifest as anxiety or depression.

In these type of situations it is best to try and reach out to a person you trust to share your feelings. Sometimes just talking about how we feel can help us to break the problem down and see things from a new perspective.

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression then talking things over with a medical professional can help.

You feel like life is meaningless.

What’s the point of everything? Nothing matters. You go through life on automatic pilot, completing task after task, but nothing seems to have meaning. It’s all useless. You feel hollow, empty, and bleak about life in general. There are things you’d like to do, but really, what’s the point?

This level of emotion can be a very heavy burden. At times like these such feelings can become overwhelming and make us feel ill. If your reading this post and these feelings are resonating with you then please speak to a medical professional. There are some great services available who can help you to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

As always thank you for reading, I would love it if you would like and share. Please share any comments in the box below.

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