Every week at Wellbeing Wishes we will embrace #wellbeingwednesday, I’ve even given it it’s own page! I thought it would be nice to kick things off with a series of blog posts breaking down The A-Z of wellbeing. So for A I have chosen the word Appreciation.

Appreciation as a part of wellness

There are so many aspects of being well. We have lots of little things to take care of, and that’s before we have even started to think about the bigger things.

Appreciation plays a huge part of our wellbeing journey. We get so busy trying to fix everything and make everything perfect that we often overlook all that is well in our lives and with ourselves.

For years the media has played a massive role in influencing our outlook on life. Always being told what we should achieve and by when. These pressures then pass down to our peer group. We compare ourselves to our friends, family and everyone in the media. We notice where we aren’t keeping up with others physically, mentally and materially.

This negatively impacts our wellbeing as we forget all that is good in our lives. We forget to appreciate.

Appreciate How Far You Have Come

Ok so Jane has a high flying career and is at the top of her game. Clare always looks amazing and seems to land on her feet all the time. Then you have Joe Blogs up the road who is living THE life! fast cars, nice clothes, yoga 3x per week. You find yourself comparing where your at in the world next to all these other people.

This has to stop! You are not all those other people. You are you and that my friend makes you the best you I know! So now it’s time to focus on yourself and appreciate where your at in the world.

The key here, it to focus on what you have achieved, not what you haven’t done in life. Appreciation starts with feeling proud about all you have to offer the world. The good ideas you come up with, the generosity you show your friends and family. The home you have made for yourself. You deserve to show yourself kindness and appreciation for how far you have come along your journey.

Show Appreciation For The Little Things

A great way of boosting your wellbeing is to make time for all the little things in life. These moments can sometimes be overlooked but really these pockets of happiness and joy are what makes the world go round.

Yes its wonderful to appreciate the big stuff, the house, career, vehicle, holidays etc but in your average day those aren’t usually the stand out moments.

When your day gets tough and your mindset slumps you probably don’t think, ” oh well at least I’ve got my car” or ” Well those new shoes are bound to turn my day around”. No its the door being held open for you, the seat on your commute. The smile of a stranger or the embrace of a friend. These are the things that lift us out of a low mood.

Why not spend 5 minutes today taking note of all the things you appreciate in life. Appreciation is a positive energy that cannot be underestimated. Making that time to notice all you have to be thankful for will surely bring you more to appreciate.

Wishing you well 💫

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