Autumn is awesome.

Yay its Autumn !! I think this is probably my favourite season. I can find reasons to love all the other seasons as well, however this time of year just gets me fired up !

I know many people who dread this time of year, knowing that winter is imminent as they hate the cold and of course that Christmas will be here before we know it. However I am on the other side of the fence on this topic. I love all the changes that this time of year brings, the stunning spectrum of colours that the trees display, the temperature drop of the cool breeze as we dig out our scarves  and the shedding of the old to make way for the new……………Oh and I loooooooooooooove christmas !!!!!!


So now is the time to start tidying up your garden as plants start to die down getting everything nicely prepared for next spring.

  • It’s probably time to start digging up any annuals that have died off. Make sure that you collect any seeds from them before pulling them up. You can scatter these around the garden for a fresh bloom of flowers next year.
  • When your perennials have finished their work for this year, give them a trim  by cutting them down so that they can bounce back next year with a new lease of life.
  • Maybe think about getting a head start on those weeds, keeping up to them so that come next spring your garden won’t need so much work in this area, just a little tidy here and there.
  • It can be wise to cover up your garden furniture to help protect it from the harsh winter weather. It’s also a good idea to store away your gardening tools as they too will pay the price for being left outdoors exposed to the elements!! come spring time you may find that your tools have seized up with rust so its much easier just to store them away.
  • Now can be a nice time to get some bulbs planted or new perennials that will bring a pop of colour to your spring garden next year.

Please feel free to comment below.

What does Autumn mean to you ? What happening in your garden? Any tips that you would like to share will be greatly appreciated.

Gardening Love

Becky x

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