Winter be gone……Spring come along…..

Winter can feel as though it hangs around a heck of a long time. It can get you down somewhat especially after the excitement of the the festive period is over and so it’s important that we try to find ways to beat the winter blues.



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If you are like me, in that you love the outdoors and a spot of gardening or walks in the woods then you may find that Spring is on your mind. I don’t know about you? But I tend to get twitchy between seasons, so I find it helps to find positive snipits each day to get me through. I will give you a few ideas to get you started on how to keep winter blues at bay a little bit further on.

On the whole I do love all the seasons. I try to embrace each one in turn and respect what it has to offer. After all the seasons are going to come around regardless of how we feel, so we may as well try and not let the cold months get us down right? they are a part of life.


I guess that’s why they call it the Winter blues

We all know that feeling when you wake on a morning and its dark and then after a long day you arrive home and its dark. You can feel like the day has passed you by and you have barely seen the daytime.

The key is to try and focus on things about your day that make you feel good. Even if its something small. So if you find yourself longing for spring, then why not try a few of these ideas:

?Start planning your spring garden or if you don’t have a garden space then a few window boxes. Get down the garden centre in your free time and see what’s coming up in season. Before you know it what you plant will be starting to flower and that burst of colour is always something to look forward to.

Find pleasure in the small things

☕️ Take the time to enjoy a hot drink. We all know how enjoyable a hot drink in winter is, but try to really savour the experience. Watch the steam rise from your cup, people watch out of a coffee shop window, feel the warmth it brings to you but above all take that moment to be mindful of how fortunate you are to be having that experience. There will be many people feeling the cold in that moment that may wish they were in your shoes.

?Feel the heat of the winter sun. When it does peer from behind the winter clouds, feel its presence against your face. Try to switch your mind from any distractions and really feel present in that moment.

❄️ On a cold and frosty morning as you leave the house, instead of feeling grumpy about the weather try to embrace it instead. Look at how the frost glistens and catches the light, it can be very beautiful. Notice the frost and ice patterns on your car, it is a beautiful part of nature.

?Spare a thought for nature. It’s a tough time for them in winter too. Why not leave some food out for the birds and enjoy watching them visit your garden. You will enjoy the experience and feel as though you are doing your bit to help.

So now you have finished reading that your probably thinking “yeah right, as if any of that is gonna help my mood !!” Well all I can say is please give my suggestions a try. In life it’s easy to get bogged down but as they say its the little things in life.

How do you deal with the colder months? Do you have any tips that you would like to share in the comments to help fellow readers beat the winter blues?

Please share and post any comments or thoughts below.

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