Happiness is the ultimate goal for all of us. We all want to live our best life, ticking all the boxes along the way. Looking down the long road ahead, it’s natural to wonder if you are on the right track. Happiness will look different for each of us, however, the following building blocks of happiness can ensure you are building a solid foundation for the journey ahead.

Having Meaning in Your Life

Do you have a purpose in your life? Something larger than yourself that moves you to get up in the morning? If not, try to find it. Striving for your purpose is one of the strongest building blocks of happiness you can have.

This doesn’t mean you need to find something to help you change the world -your personal purpose might be taking care of your family or a business start-up. It’s your life, after all. You get to define it!

Going After Your Hopes and Dreams

If you want to live your best life, you have to go for it. That means chasing down the things you want to get from life. Again, it doesn’t matter what they are -it’s your life, and you make the rules -the important thing is that you have dreams and work to make them come true.

Other people are going to try and convince you that you can’t do it. Tune them out. This is YOUR life, after all. You and you alone are in charge of it.

Develop a Positive Outlook

Learn to look on the bright side. Become an optimist. Don’t let setbacks deter you from reaching your dreams. Bad things are going to happen in life. That’s a given. How you react to them is up to you. A positive outlook will help you to bounce back and reach your goals.

A key factor in your happiness is to always seek the silver lining. Developing a positive mental attitude is such a powerful building block that you can always lean on.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships

Humans are social creatures. You must have good relationships to thrive and be happy. Toxic relationships will hold you back and harm your mental health. Healthy relationships can be cultivated like anything else. Notice and change your own toxic behaviours. 

Spend time with the people you care about. Try to change any toxic relationships and if you can’t, end them or distance yourself from the other person. Meet new people and develop healthy relationships with them.

These are the building blocks of happiness. If you can develop these four things, you’ll be well on your way to living a life full of happiness.

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