Hi everyone! It’s #WellbeingWednesday again, continuing with The A-Z of Wellbeing blog post series. This weeks post is C for celebrate! Today we are going to have our own little party and celebrate the small victories in life.

Negativity can be a long-standing behavior rooted in pain, shame, and blame. It may be perfectly normal to complain, gossip, use sarcasm, and judge people without ever knowing the impact it’s having.

Making the shift from negative to positive may take time, energy, and concerted effort. Don’t wait until you’re completely free of all negativity before celebrating the wins. Small victories matter and you should celebrate them every chance you get!

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Celebrate Small Victories By Giving Yourself Credit Whenever You Succeed

Your battles are not going to be overcome straight away. Things take time, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until your at the top of where you want to be to acknowledge how far you’ve come.

You’re going to see small improvements all the time. Be sure to recognize when you battle your inner critic and win! Whether it’s an internal high five or calling a friend to share the moment, be sure to give yourself credit whenever you succeed. 

Be kind when you miss the mark

If negativity has been your go-to and default reaction for a long time, it’s going to take time to change. Be kind to yourself when you backslide. Don’t let the inner critic condemn you.

Instead, gently reassure yourself that you are a wonderfully flawed person doing the best you can. Commit to trying to do better next time, whilst acknowledging your smaller victories along the way.

Call out positive behavior when you see it 

Be sure to compliment and encourage positivity in other people. It makes a positive difference in other people’s behavior when they are recognized for their positive actions. Be confident and kind and complimentary when you notice people around you doing something positive.

Looking out for positive actions in others will encourage new positive habits within yourself. This is such a great way to celebrate small victories, acknowledging the positivity thats going on around you and increasing the positive vibes within yourself.

One day, positivity will be the norm

In the same way negativity was once the normal way to be, one day positivity will be the norm. When that happens, you’ll have a testimony to share about the journey you’ve taken to become an optimistic and positive person.

The wisdom you’ve gained and the tools you’ve developed will all converge and your default reaction to people and stress will be kinder, more optimistic and hopeful. 

What small victories do you have to celebrate? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Click the links to recap week 1 and week 2 of The A-Z of Wellbeing series.

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