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The Importance of Slowing Down

Slowing down isn’t always on the top of the priority list these days. Life moves at a million miles an hour, blink and you might miss it! Whether it be friends, family or the media, there always seems to be pressure to be involved in every little thing. Now as …

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Self-Hatred and How to Eliminate it

Self-hatred is a toxic mindset that can really hamper your quality of life. Constant self-loathing and total lack of self-compassion are a horrible trap to fall into. Self-hatred is more than simply not liking yourself. When you suffer with self-hatred, you’ll constantly put yourself down and feel like you aren’t …

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Kindness is the Key to your Happiness

It’s #WellbeingWednesday again and of course we have to have kindness for K week! When you were a child, you probably learned some variation of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This rule exists in various forms throughout the world across most …

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How to Know When it’s Time to Quit

No one likes to be thought of as a quitter! Unless you are quitting a bad habit or something for health reasons that is. We often feel as though we have to plough on through everything we have committed to. However there are just some times when for whatever reason …

Take back control with the power of saying no
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Saying No Gives You Ultimate Control

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to say no. There are so many people and situations begging for your yes that setting limits surely lets someone down or leaves someone hanging. It’s really hard to say no sometimes, which ultimately causes overwhelm and being worn out. Saying yes to someone else …

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Mind Tricks that Flip the Switch on Negative Self-Talk

Now I don’t know about you, but I talk to myself all the time! Like, all … day … long! A constant stream of  running dialogue from dawn till dusk. Internal conversations going on with ourselves in our minds, also called self-talk is completely normal.  For those of you who can …

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The Good News? Making Mistakes Doesn’t Equal Failure

Hands up for those who like making mistakes? I’ll take that as nobody. Unfortunately slip ups are a part of life that we just need to accept. Whilst we would all like to sail through life in a perfect little bubble, that bubble is impossible to protect. The question is …

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Useful Journal Prompts For Self Reflection

We all need some self reflection and these thought provoking journal prompts are just the ticket! Journaling is an important tool you can use to grow your mindset. You have to use it regularly to achieve the benefits, however. You should aim to reflect at least 2-3 times a week …

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Featured Lifestyle Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

5 Helpful Habits To Improve Your Mindset

Hello and welcome to #WellbeingWednesday The A-Z of Wellbeing. Today we are on H focusing on helpful habits to improve your mindset. Click the above link to recap other posts in this series and remember to sign up for Wellbeing Wishes emails. We have touched on mindset in a few …

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Depression Featured Lifestyle Mental Health

5 Warning Signs You May Be Unhappy

Are you feeling a little bit meh lately? Just not really feeling upbeat or motivated? Do you wonder if it’s unhappiness or just restlessness and a vague unease with your life as it is? Here are five warning signs that you might be unhappy and not just stuck in a …

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