Turn your junk into garden treasure

As you all know, there are many garden planters on the market. Containers of all shapes and sizes, something for all gardens big and small.

A variety of different materials and colours to turn your outdoor space into plant pot heaven.

Lately more people are starting to upcycle unwanted items from in and around their homes.

There are some great ideas for turning your unwanted items and junk into garden treasure.

We will explore some garden planter ideas further down the post.

Spring is all about fresh starts and clearing out. So take advantage and see what you can find lying around your home that you can recycle into a garden planter.

Upcycled garden planter ideas. Turn unwanted household items into garden plant pots and ornaments.#upcycle #garden #gardenpots #recycleinthegarden


What to up-cycle ?

You can pretty much use just about anything really. As long as you can add drainage holes to the underneath of the container for water to flow freely.

The idea is to use your imagination.

A little creativity can go far.

This way you are  helping the environment by finding practical uses for your unwanted items.

Potential Plant Pots could be ;

  • buckets
  • tyres
  • children’s toys
  • wellington boots /shoes
  • pots and pans
  • sinks / baths
  • vases
  • ornaments
  • chairs
  • old bikes
  • old furniture
  • tin cans
  • etc……etc….

Now I know what your thinking ?…….. it’s going to look like I have dumped a load of junk in my garden !!

I will link my Pinterest board full of gardening ideas and inspiration below. You will see just what can be done !

Trust me, they will look great. Just think of all the beautiful flowers and plants that will be filling them.

Adding a different garden planter here and there will bring character to your garden and inject personality. Check out this post on some great flower garden ideas !

Of course what ever you put outside will weather in time. Some materials quicker then others, once they are exposed to the elements.

Personally I like this ! I love the rustic look, moss growing and general discolouration all add to the aesthetics.

Upcycled garden planters. Add character and personality to your garden. Turn unwanted items into garden treasure. Create plant pots from household items. #gardenupcycle #recycling #ecogardening



Experimenting with garden planter ideas

Here comes the fun part ! Time to get planting and stretching your imagination with container gardening.

The great thing about garden planters and container gardening is that it opens up so many options.

You can move them around, try different positions in the garden. This helps to keep your garden fresh and give it a new look from time to time.

You can try putting some planters and pots within your flower beds. I like to do this as I think it gives my garden depth and dimension.

A garden planter placed in a flower bed can create a focal point. An area of height where you can really show off your favourite plants and flowers.

How to upcycle in the garden. Find ways to turn your unwanted items in garden treasure. Create imaginative garden planters and containers with your unwanted items. #gardenideas #gardenrecycling #gardenupcycling #trashtotreasure #gardenplanters

Some great ideas to inspire you

Many of you will probably of heard of Pinterest. For those of you who have not, Pinterest is a search engine full of images.

A haven of ideas right at your fingertips, there really is nothing you can’t find. ( By the way, Gardening Love is not affiliated with Pinterest ! I just love it )

I thought I would share some of the great garden planter ideas that are out there.

Hopefully they will encourage you to look at everyday objects in a different light.

What was an unwanted household item can be turned into an amazing garden container / plant pot !!

Check out my Pinterest garden craft board for tons of ideas…..

Do you upcycle in your garden ? What’s the most unique plant pot in your garden ? Please share and comment below.

What’s the most unique plant pot in your garden ? Please share and comment below.

Gardening Love to you all



  1. Oh my gosh. I love this idea!! I love to repurpose things and I need to learn more about gardening. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Live this! I’ve been wanting to get a tea cup and saucer to make a bird feeder. I also been wanting an old wheelbarrel to plant flowers in 🙂

  3. Love this! I’ve been wanting to get a tea cup and saucer to make a birdfeeder. Also been wanting to get a Wheelbarrel to plant flowers in 🙂

  4. All those ideas are brilliant!!
    I wish to have similar garden one day. For now it’s a small terrace garden full of herbs and flowers.

  5. These are great ideas. I have done some of your ideas already in my tropical garden plants. I love gardening but I can do it only in my home country Philippines. I have only a balcony in Germany. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the garden and using items. My hubby particularly loves collecting items – so we get a good mix. Just a dash of creativity of what to use – whether a cane chair, a hollow log, a ladder etc

  7. Upcycling is such a great idea! At home we have used many different things as planters and most of them work out well, as long as the water has somewhere to drain out from so the roots get some breathing space. Great post x

  8. We just moved to an apartment, so no garden for me. I do have a small balcony and I am planning to plant a vertical garden. I have been on the lookout for old pots, buckets and what ever I can fill with dirt. Hoping it will look good as well as grown well!

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