Sometimes, we just need a mental reset. Getting out into nature is a great way to accomplish this. By focusing on the beauty and uniqueness of somewhere around you that’s full of plants, animals, or both—you can escape the racing roller coaster in your head.

Keep reading for some things you can try to get out of your head and into nature…

Bird Watching

This is a wonderful pastime that can very easily become a passion. You can simply keep notes of descriptions of birds you see, or you can get a book on identifying local birds, and see how many you can find.

Searching for birds is a great way to get into nature. It can be very engrossing and time-consuming, so it’s an amazing way to shift your mind into something other than what may be overwhelming it at the time.

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Nature Photography

You don’t need a fancy camera to do this; a phone camera will work just as well. Just go out for a nature walk wherever you can, and snap photos of anything that you think is pretty or cool.

Need some inspiration? Try taking pictures of at least one thing for every colour of the rainbow, or letter of the alphabet! Getting the perfect shot of something you find interesting is a very rewarding experience. Be patient, and just have fun with it.


This is a perfect way to unwind if you live near a beach! or for your next trip to the beach. Head on down to it, and look for neat shells or bones in the sand by the water.

You may also stumble across little critters like crabs, molluscs, rays, etc. Don’t try to collect these, but definitely use those nature photography skills if you can!

Just like with bird watching, you can simply collect shells and such and not know what they all are; or you can grab some info on local shells and see if you find something that happens to be rare!

Another great thing about this pastime is that you can use what you find to make awesome home decor and/or gifts!

Nature Walk

Sometimes all you need is to just go for a walk with no plan and simply commune with nature.

This is the perfect atmosphere to do some self-reflection and processing in. To release any negativity you’ve been holding onto. If you find a lake or river nearby, that can be a good place to have a rest and just take in the beauty of the nature around you. You might even make a wild friend in the process! 

Getting out of your head and into nature can be a very healing experience. Always practice common sense and be safe during these activities. Stay tuned for more ways to get into nature!

Becky 💚

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