We discussed all about Limiting beliefs in this post, so if your not familiar with what they are then I recommend you take a peek. In this post we are going to look at how to overcome your limiting beliefs.

YES! New mindset here we come! Working on your limiting beliefs is key to your personal growth and development. It’s time to overcome them and move forward!

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Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

In order to overcome your limiting beliefs you need to do some detective work. This process will only work if you are honest with yourself and don’t hold back.

You have to know what your limiting beliefs are before you can work on overcoming them. You need to sit down and do some self-reflection to identify your limiting beliefs and put them into words.

Focus on times in your life that you found yourself resisting progress. What made you not go for that interview/ audition? Why did you not buy that dress? Once you’ve done that, pick one to start working with.

Recognise That It’s Just a Belief

Whatever the belief is, you need to acknowledge that it’s just a belief. It’s not a law written in stone. It’s just a belief you hold in your mind and nothing more.

Your mind has created this limiting belief to protect you in some way. Thank your mind for the thought and recognise that it is no longer needed. It’s time to let it go and replace with a positive belief that will serve you well. 

Ask Yourself If It’s True

Is this belief true? Is it always true? For example, if your limiting belief is that you’re not likeable, think about the times other people have liked you. Are you always unlikeable? Of course not! Therefore, your limiting belief is wrong. Hence why it limits your personal growth.

A great extension to this is to list all your likeable traits. Think about what makes you unique? What do you bring to the table? Laughter? Kindness? New ideas? List them all and read your list every day. Breaking down these non-truths you have put in place will help you to overcome your limiting beliefs in no time.

Thank It for Its Help and Let It Go

Your limiting beliefs are defence mechanisms that attempt to protect you from emotional harm. That’s what it’s been doing all these years. Thank it for trying to help you and release your hold on it.

It is time to let those beliefs go now, they serve you no purpose and hold you back from living your best life.

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs By Recognising the Underlying Emotion

All limiting beliefs are driven by an underlying emotion. This emotion is usually but not always fear. You need to identify and learn to deal with that emotion to overcome your limiting beliefs.

List all of the negative thoughts you hold about yourself. What emotions do you feel when you focus on them. You may start to notice a pattern emerging, which can help you to break the chain.

Identify the Negative Consequences of the Limiting Belief

What are the negative consequences of continuing to hold this limiting belief?

Something bad will happen because that’s the nature of limiting beliefs. If you have a limiting belief around rejection, you may never find a romantic partner.

If you don’t believe you can succeed, you might never have a successful career. And so forth.

It’s important to see that the consequence of holding onto the limiting belief is far more damaging than trying to overcome it.

Reframe the Limiting Belief 

Flip it on its head. It’s time to reframe your limiting belief into something positive. Change it. If the belief is “I’m not likeable,” change it to “I’m very likeable and make friends easily.”

If you have a fear of rejection, change it to “Many people will accept me because I have a lot to offer.” Repeat this new belief to yourself over and over until it becomes a mantra. A great addition to this is affirmations which you can read about here

Act As If the New Belief is True

There is a lot to be said for ‘fake it till you make it’. Acting as if helps you practice living out this new thought wave. Visualisation is a great tool for this. See yourself in that interview being offered the job, picture yourself having a great time on that date.

Now take action as if this new belief is true. Start doing the things you would do if it were true. Gradually, with time, dedication, and hard work, you’ll make your mind believe it.

I really hope you have found some of these tips for overcoming your limiting beliefs helpful. As ever I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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