It’s day 5 of the self-care mini series!

Full of free and low-cost self-care ideas for you to try to add to your routine.

If you missed the other posts then fear not! All the links you need are here.

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Let’s do this!

Pack your self-care toolkit with these simple low-cost self-care ideas.

Your low-cost self-care starts right here.

Lots of people get the wrong idea about self-care.

They think they have to be deserving of it. They feel like it’s splurging to do something good for yourself.

It can seem extravagant. An expensive treat.

I’d like to change that mindset today.

Self-care is something you deserve.

Everyone does.

It benefits us all, along with those around us, when we put our own well-being at the forefront.

You can’t take care of others when your own well-being is suffering.

Let’s take a look at some free and low-cost ways you can care for yourself. 

Take a Time Out

Sometimes just a little bit of alone time is all you need to feel rejuvenated. Often we spend time with friends, family and work collegues.

When did you last enjoy a moment to yourself?

So why not give yourself a time out?

Lock yourself in your room with a nice cup of tea. Listen to some quiet music. Just sit still and think for a bit. It’s a luxury we all can afford.

And best of all, it’s free!

Waste Some Time

We often feel pressured to be productive all the time. I hold my hands up to this!

Being busy is a sign of worth and accomplishment. However, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Just kicking back and doing nothing is important to recharging our batteries.

Let yourself have some downtime to do something frivolous like binge on your favourite TV show, take a nap or just sit with your pet. You deserve it.

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Do Some Writing

Now you might have rolled your eyes at this one. But bear with me here, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, journaling can be a very therapeutic activity.

It’s not for anyone else to read, its just for you so there is no judgement to come.

Why not try jotting down what you’re grateful for each morning when you wake up or on an evening before bed? Practising gratitude has been proven to be beneficial to well-being.

It can also be energizing to simply do a brain dump in which you write down all the things that are floating around in your head.

Just get it all down, its better out than in. Seeing all these thoughts written out in front of you may help you make sense of some of your more stressful thoughts.

Jotting down dreams for the future might inspire and motivate you to take action. Give it a try. 

Such a simple free self care activity can really make a difference to your wellbeing.

Reach Out to Someone

Socializing is a crucial part of self-care.

Pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Sit down and FaceTime family.

Meeting up in person for a walk together or a cup of coffee is even better.

Connecting to others might just provide the spark you’ve been missing. 

This is a great opportunity to enjoy some low-cost self-care together. Playing or watching a sport together. Perhaps visiting a local art gallery.

Change Your Perspective

A change of scenery can be a wonderful source of renewal, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Just heading out to walk in your neighborhood might help when you’re feeling stir-crazy in your home.

If you’re able to afford it, a low-cost staycation to a nearby location for a day or two is a fun way to switch things up. You’ll be surprised what this change of perspective can do for you. 

While these are just a few of the countless ways you can indulge in low-cost self-care, perhaps they’re just the jumpstart you need to begin exploring whats out there.

You truly do deserve to spend time, energy and effort on your own well-being. 

What’s your favourite free or low-cost self-care activity? Share below.

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