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5 Warning Signs You May Be Unhappy

Are you feeling a little bit meh lately? Just not really feeling upbeat or motivated? Do you wonder if it’s unhappiness or just restlessness and a vague unease with your life as it is? Here are five warning signs that you might be unhappy and not just stuck in a …

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How To Find a Creative Outlet to Help with Depression

Finding a creative outlet is a great way to unwind and distract you from feelings of depression and other mental health issues. Depression can affect people in many different ways. One of the most common symptoms of depression is lacking the desire or motivation to participate in everyday activities. When …

Talking about mental health. How to start the conversation about mental health with mental health conversation starters. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
Depression Featured Mental Health

Mental health conversation starters

Get the ball rolling Mental Health Conversation Starters Last week was mental health awareness week. At the start of the week I put together a roundup post, of past Gardening Love mental health articles. Midweek my post focused on what mental health looks like and the stigma surrounding mental health. So to …

How to get mental health help
Depression Mental Health

Mental health help. Talking about your mental health.

   How to get mental health help ? I believe a key factor in making progress with mental health lies in explaining how to get mental health help. Alongside this, there must be reassurance and information explaining what that process entails. From a patients perspective there is a huge unknown as …

60 positive actions for low mood days #mentalhealth #positiveaction #selfcare #personaldevelopment
Depression Mental Health Wellbeing

60 Positive Actions To Help You Through A Dark Day

We all have dark days. Those days when you want to stay under the duvet and pretend your not there. Those days when you feel as though there is no right side of the bed, let alone the wrong side! It’s days like these when we need some positive actions …

Stop negative thinking by taking control of your thoughts. #thoughts #positivethinking #negativity
Depression Mental Health

Stop Negative Thinking In Its Tracks With This One Powerful Technique

Thoughts …….. Friend or Foe Finding a way to stop negative thinking is so important for the state of your mental health. Negative thoughts are like poison for the mind. We all have moments when our mind gets carried away with itself and we build mountains out of mole hills. …

Change your thoughts to change your life. Take control of your life with the power of your thoughts. #positivity #positivethinking #lifehacks
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Alter your thoughts and way of thinking to positively change your life

  The power of thoughts Thinking or thoughts take up a massive part of our lives, if you think about it when was the last time you didn’t think about something? It’s almost impossible not to think isn’t it? I guess you could say that I was always a glass …

The eyes of a women staring through a winter scene with snow and winter blues framing her face
Depression Ecotherapy Mental Health Wellbeing

How to beat the winter blues by following these tips.

Winter be gone……Spring come along….. Winter can feel as though it hangs around a heck of a long time. It can get you down somewhat especially after the excitement of the the festive period is over and so it’s important that we try to find ways to beat the winter …

Gardening groups
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Gardening groups bring people together

Gardening groups. Get communities together!  It seems that gardening love is in the air ! ❤ More and more people are using their garden hobby as a means of meeting like-minded people. I have read some lovely articles showing how nature brings people together. More communities are creating Gardening groups where they get together, …

Gardening helps depression
Depression Ecotherapy Mental Health Wellbeing

Gardening for the mind. How to fight depression with nature.

Ease depression by gardening Depression has been a part of my life for some years now. It can manifest itself in a number of ways. For those of you who have ever suffered from depression or know of someone who has this illness then you will know how debilitating it …

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