Get Gardening! Its National Gardening Week.

The 10th – 16th April 2017 is National Gardening Week. It was set up by the Royal Horticultural Society to promote gardening and celebrate the joys that gardening can offer. The purpose of the week is to help make gardening more accessible to everyone. To introduce people to gardening and to show that it can be a hobby for all. One of the main aims is to show that gardening can be enjoyed by everyone with no experience necessary.

Check out the website, National Gardening Week. It has lots of information on public garden events taking place across the country and in your local area. It explains how to get involved and start your own gardening event and how to promote it. The website has a great  list of general gardening activities for all ages and levels of ability.

Make use of our public gardens.Pink flowers with a green field . National gardening week is written over the flowers

Public gardens across the country which usually charge for entry will be offering free entry on selected dates. Please see the National Gardening Week website for a full list of participating gardens.

I think this is great way of introducing families and individuals to gardening as it makes the gardens accessible to everyone. They can be a great day out in the fresh air and are the perfect outing for families with children.

By opening up the gardens, it can help all people see the beauty and benefits that gardening can offer, and help to bring people closer to nature.

Be inspired and see what gardening can do for you! 

The website also has a great list of activities and ideas that you can do individually or with friends and family. There are suggestions for everyone, from general planting activities, nature trails, building insect hotels and many other garden craft ideas.

All these activities are a great way for gardeners, gardening newbies and children to become involved with nature and the world around them.

I believe encouraging children and young adults to participate in outdoor activities and gardening can be a fantastic way of introducing them to the importance of nature and their environment.

Gardening can give a sense of achievement and purpose as well as provide many health benefits.  So spread the word,  take advantage of National Gardening Week and get involved.

Please comment if you will be taking part or if there are any activities in your local area that you would like to share.

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