Let’s be honest, it’s hard to say no. There are so many people and situations begging for your yes that setting limits surely lets someone down or leaves someone hanging. It’s really hard to say no sometimes, which ultimately causes overwhelm and being worn out.

Saying yes to someone else might mean saying no to yourself.  Before you know it, you are tired all the time and unable to generate enough energy for all the obligations you committed to. Therefore saying no creates more energy. 

Saying no has a compounding affect that builds on itself and creates more energy. Being confident in saying no and sticking to it, can help you set healthy boundaries and create the energy you need to meet the commitments you agree to. 

Saying no gives you ultimate control. Learn how to take back control of your life and choices by saying no more often. #sayingno #takecontrol #yourlife
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Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person

There’s always going to be someone who is threatened or let down by hearing the word no. Their need might be righteous and important, but there has to be a line in the sand for setting healthy boundaries. If you are at your capacity for helping others or saying yes to a commitment, saying no is the right thing to do.

Bear in mind, most people don’t know or appreciate everything pulling at you. They are only thinking of their small stake in your life. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you can’t or won’t say yes to every request. 

Saying no doesn’t require an explanation

Saying no can produce guilt. Knowing that you could say yes but choosing to say no can trigger feelings of guilt and shame. People tend to compensate for saying no by trying to offer an explanation hoping people will understand. Saying no doesn’t require an explanation because some people won’t agree with your decision. Saying no with confidence- without any explanation, is nothing to feel guilty about. 

The psychological benefits of taking control  

Saying yes to things you don’t want to do or simply can’t do…but force yourself into doing…causes stress, anxiety, resentment, and can lead to depression. Swallowing your feelings for the greater good on a regular basis is bad for your mental health.

Being honest, up front, and holding boundaries helps keep your emotions strong and balanced. Being free from the overwhelm and anxiety caused from feeling pressured helps you sleep better, eat better, and be more positive. All of which increase your energy level. 

Ultimately you will have more energy

When you are in the habit of guarding your boundaries and saying yes to the people and activities that matter most, you are living in a state of wellbeing that generates more energy. Healthy boundaries create confidence and are part of taking care of yourself. Self-care is known to generate more energy and help manage a healthy frame of mind.   

Saying no can feel taboo. What good person rejects an ask for help? A good person who has healthy boundaries! Stop worrying about offending others and feeling tired all the time. Be willing and able to say no when you must to keep your energy levels at their peak. 

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