Welcome to day 4 of this mini self care blog post series! Today we will look at creating a self-care routine that you can fall back on when needed.

Just to recap in case you missed the previous posts.

On day 1 we looked at why self-care matters? On day 2 we talked about how to fit self-care into your day? Yesterday was about our self-care bucket list.

If you need to recap just click on the above links.

So without further ado let’s crack on with todays post.

Get Your Toolkit in Order

Beneficial habits like self-care often go by the wayside during stressful times.

It can be difficult to focus on anything but the bare minimum when life gets hard.

The fact is, though, that these are the days when you most need to take care of yourself.

One way is to have a self-care toolkit to help you out during these instances.

Having a list of self-care routines can make it easier for you to implement them when needed. There are some other tricks you can employ to get you through the tough times, too. Keep reading, and I’ll share them with you. 

How to make a toolkit to boost your self-care routine when you need it. #SelfCare #Routine

Make a List

Let’s start with your self-care backup plan.

This is a list of at least five activities you can easily fit in your life during the most stressful periods.

Having such a reminder on-hand will let you gain the benefits of caring for yourself without having to think about it too much.

This list can include simple reminders like go to bed early so you get enough sleep, eat nourishing food to keep your energy up or ask for help if you need it.

Why bother making a list? because these are all things you might forget when you’ve got a ton on your plate. During times of trouble, the very basic foundations of self-care can be the most important. 

Make a Self-Care Package

Another way to boost your chances of keeping self-care at the focus during hard times is to prepare a care package ahead of time.

This can include some of your favorite little indulgences like a good book, herbal teas, facial mask, fuzzy slippers and your favourite playlist.

Include anything that brings you joy to your self-care routines.

Being able to reach for this package when you’re stressed can mean the world and make a huge difference to your outlook. 

Involve Others In Your Self-Care Routine

When things look bleak, you may require a bit of help to get back on track. That’s why it’s a good idea to reach out to trusted friends and family now to enlist their help for the future.

Talk to your closest confidantes and let them know you would like them to always encourage your self-care routine.

Share with them the benefits it’s provided you and tell them you’d appreciate their assistance if they see you aren’t caring for yourself as well as you should be.

Sometimes those who know us best can see things we don’t.

When your nearest and dearest know to look out for you in this regard, they can reinforce your self-care needs during times of stress. 

Taking steps to plan now can make maintaining your self-care routine easier in the future. Always remember it’s during the hardest times that you need to be nurturing yourself the most. 

Be sure to check out day 5 of the self-care mini-series tomorrow when we will look at how to keep self-care super cheap and often free!

Id love to hear your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏼

Have a great day, Becky 💚

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