Signs of stress are often easy to spot when you are dealing with a major event in your life. Key events such as losing a job or the death of a loved one make it easier to notice stress. Stress is expected under such circumstances.

However, stress and its effects can manifest unexpectedly so much so that you might not necessarily realise that stress is the key reason for some of your current physical and mental health issues.

Here are some subtle signs of stress that you may be dealing with in your daily life.

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You Are Constantly Tired and Fatigued

Do you feel like you are always tired, no matter how much sleep you get?

Have you been making an effort to keep a good sleep pattern with regular early nights?

If fatigue is becoming a problem even with your efforts then you may be suffering from emotional stress. Even the smallest sources of stress in your life, can cause your cortisol levels to be out of balance.

This in turn affects your ability to get a good nights’ sleep, and also reduces your energy levels during the day. So, struggling with both insomnia and fatigue, or just tiredness no matter how much you sleep, can be signs of stress.

Unpredictable Moods are Signs of Stress

Other symptoms of stress that people often think are from other sources is when you are moody, agitated, or irritable. We often put some of these symptoms down to hormone balance but day to day your brain handles a lot.

Every day we face multiple reasons to be stressed out, and you are probably focusing on your stressors more than anything else. This causes a lot of overwhelm, panic, anxiety, and many more emotions that can lead to moodiness and agitation. 

Check out this post which looks at many different ways to de-stress.

Your Anxiety is Getting Worse

You may also notice that on days when you have more to stress about, your anxiety is also worse. There is a big connection between stress and mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

People with chronic stress find that their anxiety is worse, and those with anxiety find that stress affects them more severely. It is a difficult cycle to be caught up in. If you have an anxiety disorder, it is even more important for you to recognize the signs of stress and try to keep it under control as best you can.

Be sure to reach out and chat to your GP for up to date medical advice. Please remember you are not alone and there is some fantastic help resources out there.

You Feel Confused and Lack Focus

Lastly, you might have brain fog caused by stress, which can cause confusion, lack of focus, and poor concentration. Getting behind in tasks and suffering from lack of focus and concentration are all signs of stress.

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