Spring clean your garden

Gardens up and down the land, are slowly waking from their winter slumber.

As little shoots poke their heads out of the ground and dormant plants stretch and yawn us keen gardeners are bursting to get outdoors and crack on with our gardening plans for the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I just love the site of daffodils and snowdrops as my garden slowly comes back to life? 

I know that spring is here!

Winter can feel as if it has been around forever at this point and so any opportunity to get outside is very welcome thought.

But before we all get carried away with our gardening plans there are some general housekeeping jobs to do. Check out these spring garden tips to get the best out of your garden space. 

Here are 5 spring garden tips.

5 top spring garden tips.


Spring garden tip 1! Now I’m sure that most gardens in the U.K. will be experiencing soggy lawns.

We have had a lot of rainfall lately and I know here in West Yorkshire we certainly have received a good downpour or two.

As a result my lawns are just slippery, patchy bogs !

On the occasional times that I have had to step onto the grass I know that I am making matters worse.

Until the more consistent warmer weather arrives its best to avoid where possible walking on them altogether.

springtime self care

Keep yours eyes peeled for garden pests.

Top tip 2! Now is a good time to have a look for what’s about in your garden.

As your plant foliage will be low you have a good opportunity to see where any nests, infestations and general hangouts for your little friends might be.

Think about treating any issues that you find to help you get on top of it before they take over your garden.

Have a spring clean.

Here is your 3rd spring garden tip!

The blustery winds of the past few months will most likely have brought litter into your garden.

Work around the garden collecting any rubbish before it gets buried behind your foliage.

It’s also better for any wildlife that comes to stay in your garden as it can be harmful to them.

Recycle anything recyclable. If you have a compost heap, see if any of the litter is suitable for the compost bin.

An environmental win win !

If you are short on garden space then take a look at this post on small garden ideas.

Spring garden tip 4! Remove any dead leaves.

Dead leaves can blow into your garden or fall from trees and bushes that you have growing.

This build up needs to be removed from your flower beds and lawns.

They can harbour bacteria which can cause problems in your garden.

Also it looks lots better for a tidy. Just be aware of any animals that may still be in hibernation and perhaps return to that spot in a few weeks so that you don’t disturb them.

If you do have a compost bin then any leaves that you collect can be added.

Tackle your weeds.

Weeds can be a pain! Although there are some which are quite pretty, so I do sometimes keep a few, but that’s down to personal preference.

Now is a great time to get ahead and crack on with a bit of weeding.

With your foliage being low at this point you will have better access to them.

Weeds are more exposed at this time of year and easier to spot. Do your best to get the root so you know it wont be coming back.

As they say prevention is better than the cure.

Anything you can do now that will help to prepare your garden for spring will save you time and effort in the upcoming months.

Thus leaving you more time to do the gardening jobs that you enjoy.

I hope these spring garden tips have been useful ?

Please share any of your own top spring garden tips below in the comments below .

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Gardening Love to one and all!

Happy Spring!


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