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 4 Simple Ways To Fake Confidence

Confidence is such a powerful tool to possess. That feeling of unshakable self-belief is the first and most important skill that you need to have in order to be successful in reaching your goals. Not to be mistaken for arrogance, having confidence in your abilities and who you are as …

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Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Everyone loves a goal to achieve. Something to aim for to help push ourselves and to give us a feeling of accomplishment. However, it’s common to repeat the same goal setting miskakes which line us up for failure. Instead, we need to be setting ourselves smart goals to ensure success. …

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Three Methods to Train Your Brain to Be More Positive

You want to train your brain to be more positive, but how exactly do you go about doing that? In addition to working on your thoughts and thought patterns, you need to take some actions to help jolt your brain into positive territory. These three methods are some of the …

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What are affirmations & how can I use them ?

Affirmations are just thoughts The dictionary defines an affirmation as a statement or sign that something is true. The use of affirmations in your daily life can be life-changing, which we will look at shortly. Affirmations are just thoughts which we repeatedly tell ourselves over and over. The repetition of …

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Mind Tricks that Flip the Switch on Negative Self-Talk

Now I don’t know about you, but I talk to myself all the time! Like, all … day … long! A constant stream of  running dialogue from dawn till dusk. Internal conversations going on with ourselves in our minds, also called self-talk is completely normal.  For those of you who can …

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“Fake It Till You Make It?” What Does That Mean?

Faking it until you make it may be an old strategy for personal development and self-improvement. Yet people still get confused as to what exactly it is and is not. How exactly do you “Fake It Till You Make It?” and why should you use this strategy at all? Let’s …

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Why Mindset is Important in Life

Welcome to a new blog post series where I dig deep into mindset. Mindset is something that I have become very passionate about in recent years and I want to share with you why I feel that mindset is so important in life. Over the coming weeks we will be …

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Focus on Your Future, Not the Past

Learning to leave the past behind you isn’t easy. However it is important to develop your mindset to use the past as a power source to focus on your future. We all react to events in life very differently. Sometimes things happen in life that can change you and those …

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3 Reasons why you are stuck in a negative mindset

Nobody wants a negative mindset. I doubt anyone wakes up in the morning with the hope of have a truly awful, pessamistic day. However, in order to get through life, a negative mental attitude is going to crop up sometimes. We are made of many different characteristcs and negativity is …

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Improve Life with Hope, Optimism, and Positive Thinking

Hope, optimism and positive thinking are the recipie for a great way of life. However, sustaining a healthy, happy lifestyle can seem like a juggling act at times. Maintaining the work, life balance is an art in and of itself. With the power of hope, optimism, and positive thinking, you …

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