We all have those soul-searching moments when we step back and evaluate what’s going on in our lives. It is natural to want more for ourselves and to compare our lives and situations to those around us. However it is vital in self-reflection to really pay attention to the key word … self.

There is no doubt that other people or situations have a massive impact on the person we want to be, on our dreams and aspirations and the paths we choose to take in life. However, sometimes we can attribute too much of our lack or downfalls on the influences other people and situations have. Perhaps it’s time for some quiet introspection to ask ourselves the question, is it me? 

Are You Too Busy to Pay Attention? 

We live in busy times. Busyness is glorified and some wear it as a badge of honour. Yes of course some level of busyness is expected in the modern world but perhaps its time to delegate a bit more or not take on too much in the first place. Sometimes when we see others around us being busy bees, run off their feet it can make us feel as though we are not doing enough. 

While it’s admirable to have the skills to manage a hectic and busy life, it definitely has its drawbacks. If your too busy, self-reflection might be taking a back seat. Self-observation is the key to self-growth, self-growth helps us to become the best version of ourselves.

The Consequences of neglecting self-reflection

When we fail to make the time needed for self-examination it can bring about some unwelcome side effects, such as; 

  • Blaming others for your shortcomings
  • Failing to understand your impact on others
  • Feeling guilt and/or shame needlessly
  • Living an unhealthy lifestyle
  • AND MORE!   

When we are really busy, it’s common to notice character flaws in other people that cause friction in our lives without considering our contribution. We may fail to see the part that we play in a situation, often passing the book and shirking responsibility. It’s easier to think circumstances drive our situations rather than us or that we are being held victim or hostage to someone or something else instead of taking control. That’s why it’s s important to take the time for self-reflection. 

What is Self-Reflection and Why Should You Practice It? 

Self-reflection is the act of evaluating our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions to better understand ourselves. Self-reflection is an excellent tool to evaluate any circumstance we find ourselves in to consider our role in the situation rather than cast blame outward. Looking within helps determine what we may be doing in any given situation that is causing us friction in our lives. Self-reflection can easily help with

  • Better understanding your current situation
  • Helping you take ownership of the situation
  • Stopping the blame game towards others or identifying as a victim
  • Making an effective plan of correction
  • Setting healthier boundaries with others
  • Increasing your self-esteem 
  • AND MORE!  

A great way to make more time for yourself is through mindfulness. Check out this post!

It may not seem natural to evaluate yourself and look for ways you can improve. Self-reflection can be tricky to practice but it is a powerful way to improve your health, relationships, and overall quality of life. Understanding that you have the power to analyze your role in nearly every scenario and situation you’re in can help you grow, mature, and live a healthier life. 

What are your thoughts on self-reflection? How do you make time for self-discovery? Drop your comments below.

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