No one likes to be thought of as a quitter! Unless you are quitting a bad habit or something for health reasons that is. We often feel as though we have to plough on through everything we have committed to. However there are just some times when for whatever reason it is time to quit, let go and move on. It can be especially hard to know when enough is enough and it’s time to stop.

So if you feel like want to quit, but aren’t sure if you’re giving up too soon, there are some factors that can help you feel confident the decision to quit is the best choice for you. Here are some of the top indicators that quitting might be your best choice.

How to know when to quit? Here are some signs that it might be time to move on. #quit #quitting #life #mindset #mentalhealth
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If you’re undervalued, it may be time to quit.

If your talents are being wasted, and you feel undervalued, now may be the time to quit. You want to be in an environment where your time and experience is valued. Some situations can drain you of your time and energy without giving anything back. Whatever situation you’re in, it’s important to feel valued for your contribution. Be confident in your abilities and all that you have to offer. If you are not being utilised for all you can bring to the table then perhaps its time to move on.

It’s time to quit if you can’t be your true self.

While you shouldn’t put everything about your life out on display, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident with who you are in most situations. If you are caught up in ways that don’t allow for you to be yourself, it may time to quit the charade and find a better situation. Life is for living and you need to live your best life as your true self.

Are you underpaid?

Everyone deserves appropriate compensation for their work. If you are underpaid or haven’t been given a raise, despite good reviews and longevity, it may be an indicator you should be looking at other options. 

Conflicting values

Maybe it is time to quit if you find yourself in situations where your values are in conflict. Having to set aside your opinions, thoughts, and feelings to accommodate someone else’s can be exhausting and morally challenging. From friends to employment, if your values are in conflict, it may be time to move on.

Can you meet your responsibilities?

It may feel like you have to say yes, even when you want to say no and drop a few commitments. By doing this, you may discover you can’t meet your primary responsibilities because you’re spread too thin. If saying yes to one more thing could cause chaos in your life, it’s probably time to quit anything that’s not absolutely necessary. 

If you’re afraid to leave, it may be time to quit.

When staying in a situation is based on the fear of leaving, it’s a clear sign you should quit. Fear, guilt, and shame are primary ways people stay entrenched in toxic situations. Staying in situations out of fear can be dangerous to your mental and physical health. If you are unable to quit, it may be good to get outside help. 

Sometimes it’s not crystal clear if you should leave a situation, but if you are living with some of these typical indicators, it may be your sign that it’s time. Trust your instincts and be good to yourself so you don’t stay in situations too long. 

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