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Take back control with the power of saying no
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Saying No Gives You Ultimate Control

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to say no. There are so many people and situations begging for your yes that setting limits surely lets someone down or leaves someone hanging. It’s really hard to say no sometimes, which ultimately causes overwhelm and being worn out. Saying yes to someone else …

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Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Journaling- A Powerful Practice That Can Change Your Life

It’s that time of the week again where we add another string to our wellbeing bow! If your new to #WellbeingWednesday then be sure to look back on previous posts for all your wellness needs! Carrying on with our A-Z of Wellbeing, we are focusing on Journaling and why it’s …

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3 Powerful Introspective Habits for Better Wellbeing

It’s easy to get bogged down in the everydayness of life. Doing what needs to be done, dealing with whatever is on your plate, and going through the motions. Before long, you may find yourself bored, overwhelmed, disengaged, and/or apathetic. You may find your immunities are low, and you just …

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Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Increase Your Motivation Quickly When Anxious or Depressed 

Motivation is an elusive concept for many people. Despite having big dreams or desiring to accomplish a particular goal, taking the steps necessary to reach the end objective can seem impossible. So for this weeks #WellbeingWednesday we are taking a look at how to increase your motivation when anxious or …

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Useful Journal Prompts For Self Reflection

We all need some self reflection and these thought provoking journal prompts are just the ticket! Journaling is an important tool you can use to grow your mindset. You have to use it regularly to achieve the benefits, however. You should aim to reflect at least 2-3 times a week …

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Featured Lifestyle Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

5 Helpful Habits To Improve Your Mindset

Hello and welcome to #WellbeingWednesday The A-Z of Wellbeing. Today we are on H focusing on helpful habits to improve your mindset. Click the above link to recap other posts in this series and remember to sign up for Wellbeing Wishes emails. We have touched on mindset in a few …

Featured image #WellbeingWednesday The A-Z Of Wellbeing Guarding your energy from emotionally draining people.
Featured Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Guarding your Energy From Emotionally Draining People

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday, The A-Z of Wellbeing. This week we are focusing on guarding your energy, including some top tips to help you around energy vampires! Someday’s it’s hard enough trying to generate enough energy for yourself, without having to worry about someone else draining it. These people, also …

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Why Mindset is Important in Life

Welcome to a new blog post series where I dig deep into mindset. Mindset is something that I have become very passionate about in recent years and I want to share with you why I feel that mindset is so important in life. Over the coming weeks we will be …

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Daily Mood Boosting Rituals

When people think of their mood, they often think of just being in a good mood or a bad mood. But the truth is, there is a lot in between these two extremes. Things like stress, daily habits, physical stress, and so many other factors go into how you feel. Your mood is …

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5 Ways to Address Inner Conflict

Is inner conflict holding you back? When we struggle with inner conflict, it is basically a battle between our emotions and thoughts. If a situation doesn’t turn out how we expected, it can release feelings of anger, stress, fear, and frustration. There are many different types of inner conflict. You …

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