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Featured Wellbeing Wednesday

How To Break the Cycle of Negative Thinking

Welcome to another #WellbeingWednesday this week we are looking at how to break the cycle of negative thinking. You can catch up on all the previous weeks’ posts in this series by clicking the link above. This post is week N in The A-Z of wellbeing, so let’s get started. …

Featured Lifestyle Wellbeing Wednesday

The Powerful Benefits of Meditation for Motivation

It’s #WellbeingWednesday and this week we are focusing on meditation for motivation. Before we jump into the post, you can access all previous posts from The A-Z of Wellbeing blog post series by clicking this link! Now it’s time to pop the kettle on and dive into week M. Waning …

Featured Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Top Tips for Being a Great Listener

Hey it’s #WellbeingWednesday here at Wellbeing Wishes. Each week we explore a wellbeing topic and you’ve found yourself at week L where we are exploring what it takes to be a great listener in The A-Z of wellbeing blog post series. This week we are going to run over a …

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Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Journaling- A Powerful Practice That Can Change Your Life

It’s that time of the week again where we add another string to our wellbeing bow! If your new to #WellbeingWednesday then be sure to look back on previous posts for all your wellness needs! Carrying on with our A-Z of Wellbeing, we are focusing on Journaling and why it’s …

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Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Increase Your Motivation Quickly When Anxious or Depressed 

Motivation is an elusive concept for many people. Despite having big dreams or desiring to accomplish a particular goal, taking the steps necessary to reach the end objective can seem impossible. So for this weeks #WellbeingWednesday we are taking a look at how to increase your motivation when anxious or …

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Featured Lifestyle Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

5 Helpful Habits To Improve Your Mindset

Hello and welcome to #WellbeingWednesday The A-Z of Wellbeing. Today we are on H focusing on helpful habits to improve your mindset. Click the above link to recap other posts in this series and remember to sign up for Wellbeing Wishes emails. We have touched on mindset in a few …

Featured image #WellbeingWednesday The A-Z Of Wellbeing Guarding your energy from emotionally draining people.
Featured Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Guarding your Energy From Emotionally Draining People

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday, The A-Z of Wellbeing. This week we are focusing on guarding your energy, including some top tips to help you around energy vampires! Someday’s it’s hard enough trying to generate enough energy for yourself, without having to worry about someone else draining it. These people, also …

Focus on your future wellbeingwednesday
Featured Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Focus on Your Future, Not the Past

Learning to leave the past behind you isn’t easy. However it is important to develop your mindset to use the past as a power source to focus on your future. We all react to events in life very differently. Sometimes things happen in life that can change you and those …

Embrace your flaws featured image #wellbeingwednesday
Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

Embrace Your Flaws To Love Yourself

Learning to embrace your flaws may sound like an impossible task. However for the sake of your self love journey you owe it to yourself to try. So as part of the #wellbeingwednesday blog post series this post aims to look at how you can learn to love and embrace …

Personal development plan lead to success. The A-Z of wellbeing #wellbeingwednesday blog post series
Featured Wellbeing Wellbeing Wednesday

How Personal Development Leads to Success

D is for development, that is personal development to me and you on week 4 of The A-Z of wellbeing blog post series. Personal development is quite a broad term and sometimes I think it can come across as being a bit cringy. Nevertheless it is so important when it …

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