Welcome to a new blog post series where I dig deep into mindset. Mindset is something that I have become very passionate about in recent years and I want to share with you why I feel that mindset is so important in life.

Over the coming weeks we will be looking at how your mindset can really steer the direction of your life journey and ultimately help you take control of your destiny.

Why mindset is so important to getting what you want out of life. Part of the growth mindset series. #mindset #GrowthMindset #Mindsetforsuccess
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So let’s kick this off by asking, what’s the number one factor that determines whether or not someone succeeds at achieving a goal? Do you know? Is it genetics? Luck? What about skills or natural talent? Hard work has to be in there somewhere, right? How about networking and getting the right degree?

Whilst all of these factors are important, some more so than others, in my opinion none hold the number one spot. That my friends, is mindset.

Research has shown that mindset is a better predictor of future success than every other factor you can consider, including working hard and natural talent.

This is the case no matter what the goal or achievement is -whether it’s graduating, getting a promotion at work, buying a home, starting a business, or making it in professional sports -mindset is the most important determinant of success.

Why is mindset so important?

What makes it so important that it overrides every other factor that can influence success? Mindset is what drives you, what motivates you, and what makes you get up to try again when you fail.

Not everyone succeeds on the first try. No one, no matter how talented, gets where they want to be without some failures or setbacks. Those who don’t have the right mindset -who have a fixed mindset or a negative mindset -will give up well before they reach their goal. They’ll conclude that whatever it was isn’t for them and move on to something else.

Developing a Growth Mindset

People who have a growth mindset will get up and try again. They’ll find another way to get where they want to go. They’ll work harder and smarter, get coaching, ask for help, and do whatever else they can to reach their goals. They see failure as an obstacle and a challenge, a lesson, not a final verdict on whether or not they can get where they want to be.

A growth mentality gives you grit, determination, and stamina. It can keep you going when everything seems lost and hopeless. This is why mindset is the number one predictor of success. If you want to up your odds of achieving your goals, you must cultivate a positive mental attitude.

So stay tuned over the coming weeks as I show you how.

In the mean time check out this post, all about common goal setting mistakes and how you can fix them.

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