Nobody wants a negative mindset. I doubt anyone wakes up in the morning with the hope of have a truly awful, pessamistic day. However, in order to get through life, a negative mental attitude is going to crop up sometimes. We are made of many different characteristcs and negativity is part of that spectrum. Being down on something, worried, angry, judgmental, or pessimistic is going to happen. Let’s face it, there are circumstances when negativity is going to boil to the top and make life feel less optimistic. It’s normal! What you do about it is what matters most. 

So let’s take a look at 3 common causes of a negative mindset.

Exhaustion leads to a negative mindset

Humans do best when they get enough rest. Physical and emotional rest are the top reasons for self-care. You rarely see well-rested people being crabby over insignificant things. Being emotionally or physically tired can trigger negative thoughts, feelings, and actions in otherwise normally positive people. If you discover you or someone you love is expressing more negativity than normal, it might be related to their energy level. 

If you think sleep or lack of it is causing your negative mindset then perhaps its time to review your sleeping habits. There are many things you can do to make your sleep time quality time.

  • Regular bedtime
  • Switching off electronic devises an hour before to unwind your mind
  • Deep breathing before bed
  • A tidy bedroom = a tidy mind
  • Checking the temperature of your room

For more tip on getting quality sleep check out this link.

Overwhelm causes negativity 

When the world is on your shoulders it makes sense to be sad about it. Being negative during overwhelming times is an appropriate experience. Sadly, this negativity can come out in a wide variety of ways which could cause some problems. Overwhelmed people may be distracted by their personal situation and come across as rude, mean, or…negative. If you recognize overwhelm in yourself or someone close to you, try to get a handle on the overwhelm. Reducing the stressors can make room for you to become more positive when the load gets lighter.

Here are a few suggestions to help when you feel overwhelmed
  • Talking if you feel you can. I know that talking can feel like the last thing you want to do, but if you have a good listener you can reach out to, you will feel the weight lifting as you vocalise your stresses. Just knowing that you have got something upsetting you off your chest can be a huge relief and lessen any negative mindset.
  • Journaling can help if talking is not your thing. Writting down your feeling of overwhelm can help you lift the burden. Sometimes seeing things down on paper can give us a new perspective and offer solutions we didnt see at first.
  • Take it easy on yourself. When we feel overwhelmed, it can feel as though the world is out to get us, when it isn’t really. Sometimes a gentle stroll in the fresh air can help you gather your thoughts and calm down any negative mental chatter

Check out this post on how to stop negative thoughts.

Feeling stuck can cause negativity

Feeling stuck can lead to hopelessness and helplessness. This can ultimately lead to anxiety or depression. These almost always lead to a predominantly negative mindset. It’s almost impossible to feel good and happy when you feel stuck in cement, or worse, quicksand. If you or someone you love is feeling stuck, it may be time for professional help. Being stuck oftentimes looks like simply running out of ideas. Working with someone who has a fresh perspective or ideas to improve your situation can go a long way towards restoring your positive mindset.  

Being negative is normal. It’s part of the full scope of a human experience. Luckily being negative can be an indicator something’s going on. It can help you identify if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, or feeling stuck. In this way, negativity is a symptom of a bigger issue. It makes sense to focus on the issue to resolve the negativity rather than emphasizing the negativity as the problem. If you recognize you feel negative, take a look at your situation and see if you need some rest, relief, or help solving a problem. 

It’s important to remeber that you are not alone. There are people who can help in many ways. If you feel that a negative mndset is affecting your life then please speak to a proffessional who can help.

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  1. These are great! for me i’ve been focusing on getting more quality sleep & while i’m still struggling ( i’m in my third trimester rn..) it makes a massive difference in my mood & health when i do get that good night sleep

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