The Yorkshire dales……Just what the doctor ordered.

Malham Cove Yorkshire dales

There is nothing like a drive out to the beautiful Yorkshire dales to blow away the cobwebs and kick-start the week and the new year ahead.

Illness has plagued my little family over the Christmas period, with the chicken pox virus forcing us to hide indoors for the past few weeks as it did the rounds.

The quarantine period was over and we decided that fresh air was desperately needed. A trip to the local park just wasnt going to cut it this time so a trip to The dales it was.


The drive over was lovely. It felt amazing just to get out of the house. It was pure bliss. The landscape on the drive there was just what the doctor ordered.

With the sky all moody and grey we arrived at Malham alongside many other eager nature lovers. We were wrapped up tight and ready for whatever the weather could throw at us !!!

First stop was a delightful pub lunch at The Buck Inn. Yorkshire pudding…….in the Yorkshire dales…… ?? don’t mind if I do. Absolute heaven. ?

My children were so excited to be stretching their legs and they both commented on the beauty that surrounded them. I love that they love and appreciate nature and the outdoors.

We walked like leaping lambs to Malham Cove as the wind whipped our cheeks. Breathing in the pure air and boy did we need it after the past few weeks.


We saw tree branches where people had pushed a coin into the bark, presumably to make a wish. I love these little finds in such places. It makes me feel like I have shared a moment with many other like minded people. That in that space all who

have stood there have felt that connection with their surroundings and with their fellow walkers.

We shared a great sense of achievement all round as we made our way through the rock pools down to the cove. It proves the power of the outdoors and the benefits it can have on both your physical and mental health.

Needless to say that night we all slept like babies. Our adventure gave us all a lift into what had been a slow start for us into 2017.

Gardening Love x




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